Unicorn Clan NPCs

The Ide

The Iuchi

Iuchi Atsumori
  • Appearances: Topaz Championship
  • Synopsis: Atsumori was born a Shinjo, but joined the Iuchi family when he displayed a connection to the elemental kami. He practices a strange gaijin magic called Meishodo, which he invokes through crafted talismans. Supposedly he has a dangerous mission among the Unicorn which causes him to travel throughout the Empire. He is the older brother of Shinjo Iruko and the nephew of the minor daimyo, Shinjo Gidayu.

The Moto

The Otaku

The Shinjo

Shinjo Iruko
  • Appearances: Topaz Championship
  • Synopsis: Iruko was a Unicorn Contestant at the 1001 Topaz Championship, and successfully passed her gempukku ceremony. She is the niece of a minor daimyo, Shinjo Gidayu and now serves as one of his vassals. She confided in Soshi Otsu that she is searching for a long-lost friend, and believes that Togashi Fumei may be him.
Shinjo Gidayu
  • Appearances: None
  • Synopsis: A minor daimyo among the Shinjo family, Gidayu is the uncle of Shinjo Iruko and Iuchi Atsumori. Iruko now serves in his household guard.

Unicorn Clan NPCs

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