Slaughter of Shiro Mosa

The Battle

In the openings of the most recent Lion-Scorpion War, the Scorpion attacked the small castle of Shiro Mosa (Stalwart Castle) and slaughtered everyone within. The daimyo of the castle, Matsu Kyotai, and his entire family were killed in the slaughter, save for Kyotai’s young son who was sent to live among the Togashi months earlier. The Matsu were said to put on a brave fight, but were ultimately outmatched by the larger Scorpion force.


The Lion used the attack as reasoning to launch a full scale assault on Beiden Pass, but the Scorpion denied having attacked Shiro Mosa.

Shiro Mosa remains in ruins and the Lion have made no effort to reconstruct the castle.

Slaughter of Shiro Mosa

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