Part Three - Restrictions

Wherein are delineated those tasks, investigations and duties which are excluded from the obligations of the Emerald Magistrate.

Section One: Incidental Law Enforcement

It is not the duty of the Emerald Magistrates to provide street patrols or random policing.

Section Two: Problems of Limited Scope

It is not the duty of the Emerald Magistrate to investigate crimes which are of strictly local concern.

Section Three: Authorization of Blood Feuds

Emerald Magistrates have no authority in the matter of blood feuds. They can neither authorize such a feud nor declare one invalid.

Section Four: Levying of Troops

Emerald Magistrates have no authority to command the service of troops, except as noted below in Part Four, Section Five and Six.

Section Five: Acceptance of Gifts and Monies

No Emerald Magistrate shall accept gifts, favors, monies, services or special considerations in exchange for any aspect of his or her duties as magistrate.

Part Three - Restrictions

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