Minor Clan NPCs

The Badger

The Centipede

The Dragonfly

Tonbo Ukiya (Deceased)
  • Appearances: Treacherous Terrain
  • Synopsis: A lanky pot-bellied shugenja from the Dragonfly Clan, he seems to hold a strange fascination with the Phoenix maiden, Asako Ryoko. He attempted to kidnap Ryoko when she refused his marriage proposal but was killed by Matsu Sho.

The Falcon

The Fox

The Hare

The Mantis

  • Appearances: Topaz Championship
  • Synopsis: Koguchi is a rarity among his clan, a Mantis duelist. He competed in the Topaz Championship where he successfully completed his gempukku. He feels uncomfortable speaking with others and stammers with his words, and he wears a mask over his face at all times.

The Sparrow

Suzume Kimiko
  • Appearances: Topaz Championship
  • Synopsis: Kimiko is a Sparrow samurai-ko who competed in the Topaz Championship where she successfully completed her gempukku. The group became attached to her due to her light-hearted and kind nature and Kimiko latched on to them due to her crush on Kakita Suteki. She, along with Suteki, witnessed the murders of the Emperor and his two sons and she helped give testimony against the ronin, Shitomeru. The scene would have had a deep impact on her had Togashi Fumei not encouraged her to remain true to her bright personality. Soshi Otsu promised to help get her invited to a Winter Court in the future.

The Tortoise

Minor Clan NPCs

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