Dragon Clan NPCs

The Agasha

The Kitsuki

The Mirumoto

Mirumoto Kenzan
  • Appearances: Topaz Championship
  • Synopsis: Kenzan is a troubled and reflective Mirumoto samurai who competed in the Topaz Championship and finished second in the Iaijutsu Tournament. He has decided to go on a Musha Shugyo pilgramidge for an undisclosed reason and was inspired by conversations he had with Soshi Otsu and Togashi Fumei to not accept his fate and to discover his true self.

The Togashi

Togashi Fuguki
  • Apperances: Treacherous Terrain
  • Synopsis: An enigmatic Togashi with a strange blowfish tattoo. The group met Fuguki on the road to Pale Oak Castle and the monk happily forced his way into traveling with them. While traveling, Fuguki seemed to shift between wisdom and madness as he would spout off quotes from the Tao along with the occasional random nonsense. After the battle on the bridge, Fuguki seemed even more off than before and that night at the inn he began acting erratic and shouting out heretical notions against the samurai order. Matsu Sho wished to kill him for his blasphemy, but Soshi Otsu, Togashi Fumei, and Kakita Suteki were successful in calming Fuguki down and bringing him out of his maddened state. Otsu later channeled the Void to inspeact Fuguki and learned that his tattoo was the source of his madness, she told both Fuguki and Fumei this and Fumei made him promise to return to the Dragon mountains. The PCs all gained Fuguki as an ally, except Matsu Sho, who did not want to be allies with heretics.
Togashi Kusatsu
  • Appearances: None
  • Synopsis: The enigmatic Champion of the Dragon Clan. Kusatsu has never been seen by any outside of the tattooed order of the Togashi.

Dragon Clan NPCs

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