Soshi Otsu


Other Masks

School Soshi Shugenja
Honor 2.5
Glory 1.5
Status 2
Rings Earth 2 ~ Water 2(Per 3) ~ Air 2(Awa 3) ~ Fire 3 ~ Void 3
Skills Calligraphy(Cipher) 1, Lore: Theology 1, Lore: Heraldry 1, Medicine 1, Meditation 1, Spellcraft 1, Courtier 3, Etiquette 1 , Investigation 2, Defense 1, Stealth 1, Lore: Law 2, Lore:Underworld 1
Advantages Ishiken-Do 8, Seven Fortunes Blessing: Benten’s Blessing 4, Sage 3, Dangerous Beauty 2, Blackmail: Otomo Gonshiro(Imperial Courtier Emerald Magistrate Magistrate) 1(4)
Disadvantages True Love(Unknown) 3, Small 3, Lost Love: Father 3, Soft Hearted 2, Dark Secret 0
Spells Sense, Commune, Summon, See through Lies, Boundless Sight, Drawing the Void, Token of Memory, Cloak of Night, Reflections of Pan Ku, Jurojin’s Blessing, Jade Strike
Outfit Topaz Writ of Approval, Robes, Scroll Satchel, Wakizashi, Medicine Kit, Fine Kimono, Traveling Pack(Spare Kimono and Sandals, 3 Masks, Sake Cup, Chopsticks, Personal Chop, Tent, Blanket, Umbrella, Make-up Kit)


Soshi Otsu Page

Mother: Soshi Kahori
Father: Otomo Gonshiro

Close Friend: Bayushi Tsukage

Yes, I know that I am a pawn, another expendable resource, but that is how it has to be sometimes. For my family I have sacrificed much, studied in a foreign land, died, returned, must leave the luxury that I used to know in favor of simple pleasures and accommodations. I understand the necessity of it, if only because I must believe it is for the good of the clan. I wonder when I will be the one moving the pieces? They are far more skilled than I; the only things I currently have to offer the clan is my limited knowledge of the void and my loyalty. One day, however, I will be the puppet master.

People She Knows from a Past Life:

Shiba Akane

Isawa Teruko

Shiba Mamoru

Soshi Otsu

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