Iuchi Atsumori

The Doomseeker


Topaz Championship, 1001
Atsumori attended the Topaz Championship to watch his sister, Shinjo Iruko, compete. He had several friendly conversations with Soshi Otsu, where she learned the following things about him:

  • He was originally a Shinjo but swore fealty to the Iuchi family when he displayed a talent with the elemental kami.
  • He has been trained in Meishodo, a strange gaijin magic based around the “words of creation” as he called it.
  • He has a job that forces him to travel throughout Rokugan. It has been implied that this job is quite dangerous.
  • He has a close relationship with the Kuni Family of the Crab Clan.
  • He carries a strange metal mask (pictured above) which he joked could be a festival mask.

Iuchi Atsumori

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