Isawa Mizusotsu


School: Isawa Shugenja
Rank: 1 Insight: 124
Total XP: 3/13; Spent XP: Defense 1, all spells innate, Hunting 1
Sex: Male
Born: 18 years ago Height: 5’8" Weight: 143 lbs
Hair: Eyes:
Honor: 3.0
Glory: 1.1
Status: 1.0
Air: 2, Awareness 3 Earth: 2, Willpower 3 Fire: 2, Intelligence 3 Water: 3 Void: 2

Calligraphy (Cipher) 1, Lore – Theology , Lore – City of Desert Edge 1 , Medicine 1, Meditation 1, Spellcraft 1, Investigation 1, Courtier 1, Etiquette 1, Kenjutsu 1, Athletics 1, Sincerity 1, Defense 1, Hunting 1, Intimidation_
Water:Path to Inner Peace, Speed of the Waterfall, The Ties that Bind
Fire:Fires of Purity, Katana of Fire
Earth:Jurojin’s Balm
Air:By the Light of the Moon
Maho:Traversing Nightmares
Advantages: Elemental Blessing (Water) 3, Higher Purpose (A Thousand Eyes) 3, Kharmic Tie (Brother- Isawa Kajisotsu) 1, Read Lips 4
Disadvantages: Disbeliever 3, Driven (REVENGE) 2, Lost love (Family) 3, Sworn Enemy (A Thousand Eyes)3, Dark Secret (carrying a Maho spell) burned by Michelle

Robes, Wakizashi, No-Dachi, Scroll Satchel, Traveling Pack (Bottle of Sake, Bottle of Sochu, Fan, Coin Purse, Mask, Personal Seal, Sake Cup, Small Knife, Spare Kimono and Sandals, Wig), Samurai Pass, Wide-brimmed Straw Hat, 2 Peaches after 2 given to Eto, Jade Finger, Love Letters with the name “Hachiro”, Money (2 koku, 4 bu, 0 zeni)


“I will never forget that day, and neither will my twin brother, Kajisotsu here.

We were walking home from the first of our shugenja training and did not notice anything at first. After all, we were only children and more interested in playing games and pretending as we came home. It was not until we neared our home that we noticed something was not right. We were not greeted by any of the dogs. Nor did any of the servants come out to great us. Then came the smell. I have never smelled anything so foul. It made me nearly sick up. Sensing something was wrong, we ran into the house, screaming for our parents. We ignored the bodies of the animals and servants that littered the family grounds. We searched every room of the house together. It was in the prayer room that we found them…dead.

My family had been murdered praying to our ancestors at the shrine set up in our home. There was a symbol over their bodies that my brother and I will both never forget. It would take a decade, but my brother would finally find out that the symbol was for A Thousand Eyes, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. As we were about to run further into the room, strangers grabbed us and said ‘It is too late for them now.’ We both started crying and screaming for them to wake up, but to no avail…they had been dead for days.

We were taken outside by what we later found out were monks. It appears a peasant noticed the smell from the house and ran to get help. Unfortunately, the monks got there days too late. Not only were they unable to save the lives of our family, but unable to save their spirits as well. It was explained to us that due to their late arrival, the proper burial rights were unable to be performed, and because of that, their spirits are left to wonder the world. We both begged and pleaded for them to perform the rights anyways, but we were told it would do no good. Their honor did not matter. What they had done for the Empire did not matter. And dying while praying to their ancestors did not matter. Their spirits are cursed forever, and there is nothing my brother or I can do to fix it. To kill because your lord asked of it is one thing, but to have their spirits wonder the world forever…" shaking his head, and staring at the man before him, “that is not something I can accept. Knowing this, it angers my brother and I immeasurably. And now, with my faith in the Celestial Order broken…well lets just say that what I have in store for you and yours pale in comparison for what you did to mine,” as what appears to be both snarl and smile appears on Mizusotsu’s face, and the man before them looks visibly disturbed.

“You see, my brother and I loved our family very much. Our father’s brother, our uncle, did his best, but it was not his fault. He was not father, our cousins were not our siblings, and his home was not our home. A year to the day that we found our family, my brother and I escaped back home and made a vow of revenge on all those involved, and to keep our childhood names until our goal was completed. We are both gifted shugenja you see. He of fire, and I of water. I’m sure you could tell by our names. It was a pet name our mother liked to call us,” as Mizusotsu’s eyes begin to tear up thinking of his mother. “Kajisotsu here has a temper that gets away from him sometimes and wants to simply slay you and end it here. His impetuousness cost us many leads, but I don’t disagree with that too much since his intentions are akin to mine” he says with a smile. “But I, however, am much more calm and deliberate, and because of that, I have other plans. You see, I have spent considerable time learning to read lips. I also have learned spells that do more then help me kill you more violently and efficiently like my brother here. It was by these means that we were able to finally track you down. And no, death is not coming soon. That would be far too easy. You see, I intend to take from you everything you have ever cared for. I will destroy everything you have ever earned. And I will make sure you are still alive as you watch all of your life crumble before you, just as my brother and I did. And we will be much more thorough about it, unlike those goons you sent after our family, after all, they forgot the two of us. When I am done, I’m sorry brother, when we are done, the Emperor will be unable to order your family’s execution for all of them will be dead, but he will still disband it on principle nevertheless I’m sure. And lastly, we will let you see your family again, but not in gaki-do, but as a spirit, walking the world forever, just as our parents, and the members of your gang, and their families.” And then the faceless man begins to cry, begging for mercy, and the twins smile down at him in unison.

Isawa Mizusotsu then wakes up with a smile on is face, with the short letter from his brother reading “Hotaka, merchant owner of Silver Tanuki Gift-shop, Desert’s Edge, Kajisotsu” clutched tightly in his fist.

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Isawa Mizusotsu

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