Bayushi Tsukage

Younger Brother of Scorpion Champion


The younger brother of the Scorpion Champion, Tsukage has shown an aptitude both in combat and in court. He also has a reputation for someone who cares little for bushido and personal honor. He is said to be involved in all kinds of seedy activities, and does not mind to sleep around with samurai-ko, smoke opium, and drink sake heavily. The truth is Tsukage has created this reputation for himself, knowing that it will have one of two effects. They shall either think he is some buffoonish playboy and not respect his skills, giving him the edge. Or they will think he is dangerous and fear him, again giving him the edge. He cares little for what others think of him and generally does as he pleases.

Topaz Championship, 1001
Bayushi Tsukage was a contestant at the Topaz Championship. He successfully completed his gempukku and earned 8 points, he was beaten by Mirumoto Kenzan in the Second Round of the Iaijutsu Tournament. Tsukage spent most of his time with Soshi Otsu, who is a childhood friend of his, though this friendship started a rumor of romance.

Noteworthy Topaz Moments:

  • He ignored the old man Sotan, while his companions helped him out and were rewarded.
  • In the Sumai Competition he faced against Matsu Yuma, whose chest-wraps happened to come undone. Content Not Found: akodo-sosenkawa later implied to Soshi Otsu that he saw Tsukage undo them.
  • He insulted Content Not Found: doji-tatsuno_ and faced off against her in three courtly competitions as a result, where it appeared he lost in purpose to get their judge, _Content Not Found: akodo-sosenkawa, to pick the Crane over the Scorpion
  • He is to be placed in a command position in the Scorpion military following Topaz.

Bayushi Tsukage

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