The Century Before Thunder

Topaz Championship

Test of Gempukku

Location: Tsuma

Time: Month of the Serpent, 1001

NPCs: NPC Contestants, The Judges, Topaz Attendants

Part One:

The group traveled to Tsuma and introduced themselves. On the way they met a mysterious old peasant named Sotan, who performed a tea ceremony for them. Due to the generosity of Soshi Otsu and Togashi Fumei, Sotan bestowed them with gifts. Otsu chose a scroll which contained the spell, Jade Strike, while Fumei chose a mahogany box which contained 20 koku, he gave the 20 koku back to Sotan and kept the box.

They registered for the Topaz Championship and went to greet the Emperor’s arrival to Tsuma. Along the way they encountered several of the other contestants.

The first event held was the Athletics competition, where they all went through an obstacle course designed to test their athletic ability. Only half of the 16 contestants would be able to grab a flag at the end of the course and be awarded one point. After an intense battle, Togashi Fumei and the ronin, Shitomeru, found themselves tied on the last leg, but Shitomeru pushed Fumei into the sand and finished first. Fumei finished second and Kakita Suteki also earned a point, finishing eighth.

The second event was the Heraldry competition where one of the judges, Doji Kaibara, dressed as historic figures and the contestants were asked to recognize the Clan, Family, School, Era, and Person that was depicted in the clothing. Amazingly Soshi Otsu and Togashi Fumei were able to name every detail asked of them, beating Suzume Kimiko and Shinjo Iruko respectfully. Kakita Suteki was not so lucky and was bested by Matsu Yuma.

The third event was the very popular Sumai match, the contestants were to throw each other out of the ring, best two out of three were awarded a point. Doji Kaibara had the contestants dress in traditional sumai attire and while given additional chest-wraps the women were greatly embarrassed by the whole proceeding. In the first match Togashi Fumei bested Hida Tanjiro in the third match and Fumei felt bad for the melancholy Tanjiro who faced a jeering Crab crowd. Kakita Suteki and Soshi Otsu faced off against each other and in an upset Otsu beat Suteki, much to the laughter of the Crab contingent.

The Horsemanship event was much like the Athletics, the top eight contestants would be awarded a point and individually they struck targets using a bow and a spear. Togashi Fumei and Kakita Suteki performed surprisingly well and were both awarded a point. Soshi Otsu missed both targets with the bow and it was too much to overcome to win a point.

The final event for the day was the Law Competition where contestants filled out a test of seven questions. Five correct answers were needed to gain a point. Soshi Otsu performed better than any other contestant and was the only one to answer all seven questions correctly. Togashi Fumei got the five answers he needed and was also awarded a point. Kakita Suteki only answered four correctly and missed out on the opportunity to gain his third point.

Topaz Score Board

5 Points: Togashi Fumei, Akodo Sosenkawa
4 Points: Matsu Yuma
3 Points: Soshi Otsu, Mirumoto Kenzan, Bayushi Tsukage, Shitomeru, Shinjo Iruko
2 Points: Kakita Suteki, Daidoji Mina, Koguchi, Isawa Ayako, Shiba Murai
1 Point: Hida Tanjiro, Suzume Kimiko
Disqualified: Daidoji Yoichi



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